ASMR Survey

ASMR videos are the internet's weirdest way to relax. People who do feel the tingles, though, report that ASMR makes them feel warm and relaxed. The ASMR tingles start at the crown of your head then work downwards, helping you feel calm and relaxed. We found that people who experience ASMR find these videos more consistently relaxing and calming than people who don't experience ASMR.” She also found that the spoken videos induce more ASMR than the non-spoken ones.

What's interesting is that the average reductions in heart rate experienced by our ASMR participants was comparable to other research findings on the physiological effects of stress-reduction techniques, such as music and mindfulness,” said Dr Giulia Poerio in a statement from the university.

Notably, this physiological response profile differs from that of aesthetic chills, which are associated with increased heart rate 2 , 13 , 17 Therefore, it seems that whilst there may be general similarities between ASMR and aesthetic chills in terms of subjective tactile sensations in response to audio and visual stimuli, they are most likely distinct psychological constructs.

If you have a hard time to feel the asmr tingles, keep your eyes on the video. Study 1 was a squishy asmr videos large-scale online experiment where participants watched a subset of three videos (two ASMR; one control) and then reported their affective response and tingling sensations.

Ten of the 11 participants reported that the intensity of their ASMR tingles was larger when the actors in the videos addressed the viewer directly rather than depicting a scene from a third-person perspective. Nine of the 11 participants (81.8%) also reported experiencing tingles after hearing tapping or scratching sounds.

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